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Tour Report: 2017 Farmers Insurance Open

Detailed specs on Jason Day’s switch into P750 Tour Proto irons:

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Jason Day has always been pretty bullish on switching clubs, especially his irons, but when the look, feel, and performance with his P750 Tour Proto’s outperformed his old gamers, the change was a “no-brainer.”


Colin Swatton, longtime caddie and coach of world No. 1 said, “I’ve been wanting him to switch irons for the last 2 years to be honest. I wanted to get his ball flight down a bit so it doesn’t float and he needed to tighten his dispersion, but he had so much success with his old ones he just never got comfortable changing.”


Colin elaborated on the change, “We’ve noticed a huge difference with the P750’s. The biggest thing is that the sole is thinner so it gets through the ground much better for him, which helps him hit it crisper on any lie, wet or firm. I was shocked how quick he put them in the bag. I’ve never seen him add a new set of irons that quickly, it took one fitting session and the rest is history. It’s a testament to just how good these are. They are so pure.”

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Jason hits the ball higher than anyone on TOUR, so getting his launch windows dialed in and consistent throughout the bag is very tricky. Here is a deeper look at how the TM Tour Reps dialed in Jason’s P750’s:


• Plays True Temper DG X7 shafts. He put them in play after winning the Farmers in 2015 and hasn’t changed since. X7’s are over 130g, and they are the lowest launching, lowest spinning shafts offered on TOUR.


• All irons are 2° strong in loft, which brings down his ball flight and spin.


• Clubs are bent “on-set.” Less offset promotes a lower ball flight and allows Jason to deliver the clubface earlier at impact.  This helps him not worry about the clubface closing down early and missing left.


The combination of all these technical details has Jason hitting his launch windows more consistently and gives him more confidence during competition.

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We asked Jason about his irons and what he thinks of them and his response was simple. “They are so pure mate!”


Here’s a breakdown of Jason’s specs:

• P750 Tour Proto (3-PW)

Shafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold X7

Loft: 2° strong

Lie: 0.5° flat (3-6) 1° flat (7-P)

Grips: Golf Pride Tour Velvet Full Cord (wraps: 1+1)

Swing weight: D3

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