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Tour Report: RSM Classic

This week, the TaylorMade Tour Truck headed to Sea Island, Georgia to wrap up the TOUR's Fall Series. Planning and preparing for 2017 is in full force by the entire TaylorMade Team as they continue to bring the game's best players the best performing products.

A huge part of the research and development phase is getting critical feedback from players on how to improve the products to meet their needs. This includes both positive and negative comments about a product that may be released—often comparing multiple variations, shapes, and styles until it is perfected in the final design.

At Sea Island, players got a sneak peek at an all new prototype iron that is in the works for a future release. They were asked to give their most critical and honest opinion about the product so our engineers can make the proper adjustments and changes before it gets released to the public.

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Here is the feedback that was received:

Ernie Els:

The 4-time major champ is pretty bullish on switching his irons, but after a few swings with the prototype, he instantly asked for a set built to his specs as soon as the final product is available. "Those are crisp. I really like the overall look; they have a slightly softer finish which is what I prefer. I really like these, guys, they are excellent."

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Carl Pettersson:

At first glance, he loved the overall shape compared to his current sticks, but was unsure how they would react to the turf. After a few strikes he told Shawn Mullin, TaylorMade Tour Truck Rep, "Man, these feel really, really good. I wouldn't change a thing. Get me a set as soon as they are available, seriously."

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Lucas Glover:

The 2009 U.S. Open champ has always been a player who plays blades dating back to his days in high school. Lucas always provides our R&D team with valuable information, as he is very critical and prefers a very traditional, serious-looking players iron. His response after striping a few mid-irons was very inspiring.

"Those look solid. You know me, I prefer the small compact blade and I wouldn't change a thing on those. You guys have a winner right here, well done."

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Nick Taylor:

"I like the shape and sound, they react great through the turf. They have a similar shape and look to my current MBs, but I like the finish and sound more, for sure."

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Various other staffers and non-staffers tested the prototype iron and the feedback was extremely positive, and our R&D team looks forward to introducing the final product to TOUR in 2017. Paul Demkowski, R&D Manager of TOUR Irons stated, "The feedback couldn't have been more positive, the guys loved the new look and shapes we showed them....There was a genuine enthusiasm about the irons that created a buzz on the range. In my 6 years of TOUR Testing, this is by far the most excited I've seen the players after testing a new iron. We are really excited for 2017."

Here's an inside the ropes look from the RSM Classic: